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Travel and Tour Ethiopia - Blue sky (B.S) Ethiopia tour offers great Ethiopia holidays, Honeymoons & private tours to all over Ethiopia. We offer complementary Hotel and Travel Service like car rent , airport shuttle service which are fully customizable.

Traveling to Ethiopia ? Rent a car and have a freedom to explore any place in ethiopia at any time

Feel free to explore the rich and diverse beauty of ETHIOPIA in your own hired car. Whether you are visiting Ethiopia for pleasure, business or staying with friends or relatives, a hired car from Blue sky Ethiopia Tours will give you the freedom to explore any place at any time.

Our car hire services offer special rates and are conveniently located in all major cities, such as Addis Ababa, Bahirdar, Gondar ,Lalibela and Axum.

Our business is to supply you with all you need in order to travel in comfort and with peace of mind.

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Short term rentals

Visiting Ethiopia is much easier if you rent a car instead of using taxi service or any public transport. While arriving at Addis Ababa international airport your rented car from our company will wait you with our experienced driver and takes you to any where you want.

Long term rentals

We offer special rates for long term rentals. These rates suit expatriate contract and research workers.

We also purchase vehicles for long term rentals and lease. These vehicles can be to the hirer's specification. This suits embassies, NGO's and other large organizations that do not wish to maintain their own fleet of vehicles.

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Why Rent from B.S (Blue sky Ethiopia Tour and Travel) - Our rental service differs from others in :

- The availability of one day to unlimited days of car Rental service

- No time of the day restriction while using rented car in town

- Experienced drivers who know all roads as the back of their hand.

- Much cheaper rate of rental service

Luxury and Economy cars
Much more options of luxury and economy cars from Blue sky ethiopia for your personal or business purpose. Perfect for all occasions with or without driver.
lexury eco cars
Four wheel drive
Blue sky ethiopia offers various kinds 4WD cars with a reasonable price. You can have them with driver for the in/out of town services, for tour and much more purposes that could make your journey more comfortable. If you are interested to make your holiday or family vacation pleasant then you have good options of 4WD cars with us.
land cruiser


B.S (Blue sky Ethiopia tours and travel) services company is established by  a strong team of professional and experienced personnel to deliver a competitive and satisfying tour and travel service.Our mission is delivering beyond expectation tour experience to our esteemed customers. For this we are ready with qualified personnel in tour and travel services who are at your service 24/7 for 13 months.

The company is known for its excellent service and attractive price. To get your free information on your desired tour and travel to Ethiopia, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated staffs are always on line to handle your request as much as possible.